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Hello and Happy Labour Day!

After finishing my first week of school I have decided I need to update my office space in my flat. I currently have a set up of my desk against the wall and on either side are two bookcases with a cork board on the wall in the middle. I do use my desk to get schoolwork done, but I find the space starts to get cluttered quite quickly and every time I am sitting at my desk I notice how plain the area is. So, while I have time on the long weekend, I have been looking on pinterest¬†at all these great photos of office inspirations with great inspiration boards and workspaces and it’s making me excited to update my own space!

// love this set up //

I am loving the above photograph! The outward facing glass desk is lovely with the white bookshelves behind. I really like the pink and brown colour palette against the white, and the length of the bulletin board on the wall. Although this is similar to my set up, I will not be able to paint my walls or the insides of my book cases (maybe I could try some temporary wallpaper cuts though?)

// more inspirational photos //

{1, 2, 3}

In the above photographs I again am drawn to the set up of the inspiration boards on the walls. Having wallpaper (like in photo 1) in the background is very appealing to me to bring in some sort of colour and print!

In the next few weeks I will be attempting to sort out my office space to create my own lovely place to feel inspired in and get my work done! Will definitely give a before and after update once the “after” is complete!

Enjoy the upcoming short week!


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